Guide to Moving

Once you know your move date, it’s time to start planning.


Organise all cartons and packing materials

Start packing. Red Truck can provide professional packers to do some or all of your packing should you require.

Label all cartons with the room they belong to and two key items enclosed (please write on the tape rather than the carton so that cartons can easily be recycled).

Clearly mark all items to be stored or disposed of.

When dismantling furniture, put all screws in a sealed bag. Attach it firmly to the item so you can find it later.

Trampolines need to be disassembled prior to relocation.

Defrost the fridge 24 hours before your move to allow the interior to dry. If your items are being stored, towel dry and wipe the fridge with vanilla essence, tape a couple of unused tea bags to the inside and place a toilet roll on the bottom shelf to absorb any condensation.

Use a portable hard drive to backup your computer.

Organise for a rubbish and recycling removal service, or let Red Truck take care of it.

Return any DVD’s, games or library books.

An important reminder: dangerous goods cannot be stored or transported. These include flammable items such as (but not limited to) fuels, oils, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, paints.

Let your current home and contents insurance provider know you are moving.

If you’re moving from or into a block of units, find out if there are any other moves scheduled that day, to ensure there’s room for the truck.

Where possible, secure parking adjacent to your property.

Arrange to have your telephone, internet, pay TV, gas and electricity disconnected.

Arrange with Australia Post to have your mail redirected.

Change your Electoral Roll.

Be prepared on the morning of move. Everything must be packed and ready to go.

Ensure all last minute items are packed and the floors are clear.

Make sure the path to the removal vehicle is clear.

Keep pets away from the activity, where possible.

Pack all items you will need on arrival into a priority box and place in your car.

Empty all garden machinery, bikes or other petrol powered items safely.

Keep cleaning equipment apart so you can clean when the removalists have gone.

Walk around the house with your crew leader and double check every room and cupboard before leaving the house for the last time.

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Keep a kettle, tea bags, coffee, milk, sugar and mugs unpacked. Everything looks better after a nice cuppa.

We’re here to make sure your move goes smoothly, please let us know if you have any questions at all.

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